Plant equipment

CCG Technologies & Engineering Pty Ltd
Donít replace defective equipment - Repair it.

CCG can give your equipment a new lease of life.

We Offer High Quality Plant Equipment, Pump Repairs & Pump Servicing

CCG provides comprehensive repair and test processes for a wide range of plant equipment and pumps. We provide full support for Lowara / ITT Hydrovars – providing complete repair and testing.

Our plant equipment services include support for Air conditioning / HVAC systems, irrigation and water pressure boosting, and commercial and domestic plumbing equipment.

Maintain your Plant Equipment with Our Pump Servicing and Laser Alignment

Tests have shown incorrect alignment is estimated to be the cause of 50% of all pump breakdowns - Accurate alignment minimises machinery breakdowns, prolongs the life of modern mechanical seals that require high precision alignment, and keeps machines running smoothly.

High precision alignment also reduces energy costs. For reduced maintenance requirements and reduced power consumption, consider checking the alignment of all the equipment in your plant that are subjected to constant use.

CCG provide a written report of all laser alignments made.


Repair, overhaul and replacment of motors, pumps and compressors are carried out by our highly experienced staff in accordance with AS 4307.1