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CCG Technologies & Engineering Solutions offers practical engineering solutions for your industry - mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering and maintenance.

Don’t replace defective equipment -

Repair it.

Drawing on decades of repair experience, our equipment repair processes not only rectifies defects, but assesses the entire unit and ensures preventative maintenance is undertaken for return to service in a reliable state. That’s why CCG can provide warranties that meet or exceed that of an original new product.

Repairing alleviates the burden of having to reconfigure to adopt a new replacement that may not be fit, form and function compatible.

..and it saves money. CCG can give your equipment a new lease of life - for continued serviceability of your equipment for many years to come.

We repair all types of industrial equipment, and can assist in the design and manufacture of power electronic devices and controls to suit your requirements.

Power electronics

Power supplies – linear and switch mode Converters Single and 3 phase Inverters AC and DC Variable speed drives Soft starters Battery...

Factory automation

HMI’s - monitors and touch screens CNC controls and displays CNC axis drives AC (VSD / VFD) motor drives and DC drives AC and DC servos and...

Industrial Computing

Component level PLC Repair Services Whether You Need a New PLC or PLC...

Industrial Machinery

Plasma Cutters Roll Formers Benders Guillotines Gearboxes Motors- including preventative maintenance, repair, rebuild, replacement and alignments....

Plant equipment

We Offer High Quality Plant Equipment, Pump Repairs & Pump Servicing CCG provides comprehensive repair and test...


AC Variable Speed Drive & DC Motor Drive repairs AC VSD's (Variable Speed Drives) and soft starters have to be built...

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